Rebranding to Li XU International, helping your global expansion
A key element of a future-proof business strategy is going global. This is exactly our mission, and we have designed our services around this important strategic element:

  • international marketing and sales;
  • international finance;
  • a global management service.

We have increasingly gotten requests to provide these complex services, so we have rebranded our company as Li Xu International – your one-stop-shop for international expansion.  With our deep experience and strong roots in China / Asia, our strategy is to launch your company in China, followed by India, the Middle East, Europe and then the rest of the world, depending on your product/service, needs, and goals.

Three Regional Hubs
We now have three regional hubs to service you:

  • All Asia-related services are via our regional hub in Hong Kong:  Li Xu International (Asia) ltd.;
  • All North and South American services are via our regional hub in New York City: Li Xu International;
  • All Europe, Middle East, Africa services are via our regional hub in London: Li Xu International (EMEA) ltd.


Industry Focus: Energy & Pharmaceutical
We are further deepening our industry focus.  For energy, we are focusing on both renewables and conventional oil gas assets around the world. On the medical side, we are partnering with some of the largest hospitals and multinational pharma companies in Asia, helping new drugs and devices pass China’s FDA with a much higher success rate, and access Asian market and the rest of the global market.