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International CFO Services

International CFO Services

Organizations seeking to take their business to the next level are bringing their companies to the global stage to benefit from the opportunities associated with global markets. Yet, developing a scalable and profitable business by expanding overseas comes with many issues. From cultural differences to regulatory issues, ERP system issues, foreign currency risks, and strategic initiatives, our Chief Financial Officer consultants work seamlessly with your team to fill critical roles when and where you need them.

Our team provides senior-level financial management services to solve your most complex financial management issues. We work with you providing advice on the fiscal aspects of operations as it relates to creating budgets, managing inventory, monitoring trends, and providing oversight management, in addition to the cultural differences and regulatory requirements of a new country

Our Services

Outsourced Global CFO services

IPO Readiness 

Build Shared Services (global base)

Set up and maintain hedging strategies and hedges for foreign currency, interest rates and commodities (global base). 

Set up global shared services

Renewables: dataroom setup and financial modeling 

The International CFO Team

International CFO’s accomplished financial executives assist our clients in reaching their financial and organizational goals. Their wealth of expertise brings a diversified approach to help our clients implement their global growth strategies.

With a proven track record in helping organizations improve and maintain a financially sound business, our team has the passion to assist clients in improving their business results and processes while easing the administrative burdens of our clients’ businesses.

With diversified global experience in the America’s, Europe, and Asia, we leverage the team’s extensive experience across a variety of industries including oil and gas, energy services, petrochemicals, automotive, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, and industrial biotechnology.

Team lead: Li Xu

Li Xu is the president and founder of Li Xu International and its member organizations International Mergers & Acquisitions, International CFO, and International CMO. A globalist, strategist, innovator, and thought leader, Li works with her teams to help clients around the world optimize their business and marketing strategies and implement solutions to bring their vision to life. For more than two decades she has brought her deep international insights and foreign currency hedging experiences to her clients, to assist them in understanding the global markets and establish their organizations and build their organizations in a foreign country.

Global Reach

We provide the support you need, wherever you need it – from any country to any country.

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