LXI Capital Update

Fund Raise

  • LXI Capital 21.07 Indo Hydro 100 Fund: Fundraising has begun in July in the international capital markets. (Country rating: BBB, 270 million in population, the fourth largest country in the world.) The current pipeline includes 1350MW development projects, with the majority in PPA and DPT (right before PPA) stage.  This portfolio includes the best 100MW, and an estimated 1,000 jobs will be created in the rural areas of Indonesia, and 2,700,000 tons CO2 a year avoided. Exit upon reaching COD.
  • LXI Capital 21.08A Nepal Solar 60 Fund: Fundraising will start in August.  This portfolio is around 60MW. Please note we focus on the IPPs which can acquire the operating assets upon COD. Exit upon reaching COD.
  • LXI Capital 21.08B Europe Wind Development 500 Fund: Fundraising will start in August. This portfolio is around 500MW. Country credit rating: BBB. Exit upon reaching PPAs.

Renewables PE funds, ESG/Impact funds, development banks, IPPS, sustainability investors, etc. please contact here to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Welcome Kevin Candee, one of the international hydro industry’s leading experts! We are excited and grateful to have Mr. Candee bring his 40+ years of international hydro expertise to LXI Capital. He has played a major role in the development of the renewables sector in South America, Africa, and the Caucuses region. An independent adviser to private equity funds, private investors, and public utilities, he has extensive experience in the developed and frontier markets, including serving as lead investors of several key hydropower, water, and real estate development projects around the world.

Asset Management
Asset Management Operations are currently led by our industry-leading experts. Professional asset management companies are welcome to discuss a partnership.

LXI Capital Investing Criteria
We focus on Eurasia countries with less active domestic capital markets (credit rating is BBB or A). Eurasia countries below BBB rating are welcome, as long as we have strong local partners and the country is safe to travel to. Details are published on the website.

LXI Consulting Update
LXI Consulting provides finance, accounting, risk management, marketing, public relations, investor relations, human resources, and country management services for overseas subsidiaries of mid-size international companies (consolidated global annual revenue: $20M to $500M USD.) These services are ideal for foreign subsidiaries before they hire a team of full-time support team. Click for the past projects.

Things Caught My Attention

Investment Opportunities We Are Looking For
We are an operations-focused team and actively seeking mid-market developers in Europe and Asia with a proven track record, strong development capabilities and a strong pipeline of projects. We are actively seeking RTB solar/wind projects.  To contact, please click here.