May 2020 Back to Work


A focus on medical devices and renewable energy and entering the China market more effectively and efficiently in turbulent times.


Business update

To keep pace with our clients, we continue to add resources around the world, namely in the China market and Asian investors network.

As the needs of its clients evolve, Li Xu International (LXI) continues to change to provide one-stop services for select projects around the world. LXI teams with our clients to provide solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of the clients’ ventures.

Our focus includes five areas of medical devices including eye care, cardiovascular, neurology, spinal, and surgical in the US, Canada, UK, France, and Switzerland.  Our one-stop services include: buy, sell, capital introduction, China market access, licensing agreements, co-management, co-investment, IPO, and privatization/delisting.  As the market changes, we will continue to narrow sub-sectors and locations to assist our clients.

We are pleased to have a couple of industry-leading medical executives working with our clients as members of LXI’s advisory board. Each brings decades of experience with the global leaders in medical technology, services, and solutions. The thought leaders provide accurate evaluations on clinical time trials and market access, based on China’s true market situation, an average of five times larger than the US market.

A med-tech fund manager has also joined our advisory board to assist us in investing along with other leading investors when possible. This unique offering provides start-ups with cash flow while shoring up compatible investors.

In addition, several large strategic investors have joined our network, including a surgical device and sports medicine company, and one of Asia’s largest eye hospitals. We aim to connect these organizations with M&A opportunities in North America and Europe, focusing on entire production and clinical.

LXI works with a select number of projects each quarter, delivering quality efficiently and quickly. To learn more about our Go to China Market services, click here for specific criteria. Or, send your business plan to [email protected].


World Med-tech News

  • Atia Vision, Inc., a Shifamed portfolio company committed to improving patient outcomes through the development of a modular presbyopia-correcting accommodating intraocular lens, announced the closing of its second tranche of a Series D $20M financing. Read more
  • Cardiovascular Devices Market Size to Hit $68US Billion by 2027. Read more
  • Stryker extends offer for Wright Medical shares again. Read more



As companies return to the workplace, interest is increasing in renewable investments. LXI recently added a few Asian strategic investors who are seeking opportunities in solar and wind projects over 100MW (all stages are welcome).

Do your projects need capital? Please click here for more insights on what LXI is seeking, or send your business plan to [email protected]


Renewables News

  • Greencoat Capital to buy 156 MW of solar projects from BlackRock, Lightsource. Read more
  • GE Renewable Energy and Fina Enerji to build 193 MW wind farms in Turkey. Read more


Other News

  • China’s biggest event on the political calendar, the annual session of the National People’s Congress. The new policy changes include the use of employment rate, instead of DGP, as the economics measurement post-COVID 19. Read more
  • Senate overwhelmingly approves bill to delist certain Chinese companies. Here is who it could affect. Read more
  • China to revive IPOs in London to hedge against Wall Street’s growing hostility, amid options for capital-hungry firms. Read more
  • US pharma company to relocate plant to Central Java from China. Read more