Business update: International M&A offers new service to promote US companies to international audience 

Are you a US company looking to enter the international market? We are launching a new service line focused on promoting US companies to our international audience. Let us tap our deep understanding of, and experience in, the international markets to assist you in penetrating your target market. Whether you are a US company entering the European or Asian market, contact us to learn how we can assist in making the process easier and more impactful. 

Team update: Here we grow again

  • Welcome our new team member: Coach Satoshi Takano, a business and management college professor, highly experienced technical product manager, product developer, and SaaS sales executive. Coach Takano brings over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, including as Senior Vice President of sales for BroadSoft, which was acquired in 2017 by Cisco for $2 billion. He is passionate about innovation, people leadership, communication and keynote presentations, and building 10X businesses. A respected leader in the Japanese community, he coaches NHL players and is based in Toronto with his family. I have truly enjoyed working with Coach Takano and am excited to have him on our team.
  • Seeking an exceptional opportunity to learn about the world of international business?  Check out our international internship program for global talent. The program is designed for students in the local or foreign markets who want to add practical international experience to their resume. Location is flexible as we can provide remote and/or local work arrangements. 

Project update: Tune in to YouTube 

International M&A has a very unique business model which results in many questions about our organization, people, solutions and services. Tune in to Li Xu International YouTube and view our Top 10 FAQs video to learn more about us and our services. 

If you have suggestions for future YouTube content, contact us. 

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Blogs: Foreign direct investment in the US series – Go to Market: Marketing

The second in the series on foreign direct investment in the US, we focus on the marketing opportunities and issues related to foreign mid-market companies entering the US market for the first time. 

Read our latest blog, Go to Market: Marketing where we focus on using marketing to maximize sales and address the two main issue foreign companies must address when operating in the US market.

Contact us for your marketing needs. 

International Community 

New York City: International M&A continues to be involved in New York’s international community, including the Mithila Festival USA, hosted at the UN Headquarters by the Consulate General of Nepal, Nepalese American foundation, and the City of Nepal. The inaugural festival included an art exhibit featuring artists of Janakpur Women’s Development Centre. The paintings on display depicted the 17 SDGs in Mithila art which is a traditional artform existing in the Janakpur area of Nepal.

Austin: Asian business owners from across the nation visited the Texas state capitol in early May to discuss key issues with members of the state legislature. As the legislature continues to address property tax, education, etc.., the business owners wanted to ensure the state’s elected officials understand their position on these important issues.

San Francisco: Entrepreneurs from all over the world gathered in San Francisco for Singularity University (SU) and to explore exponential technologies, innovation and leadership. With the future coming fast, and in a way most people do not expect, many of us have become comfortable living in the past, which will result in a huge disruption of the workforce and the redistribution of work and wealth. Those caught unprepared will be the mid-market companies while larger organizations will have had the luxury of creating a longer vision, and the capital to invest in new technology.

Click here for photos from the event.

Is your organization ready for the fast-changing world? Are you running into technology adoption pain? Contact us at [email protected] to tap our deep expertise to help you quickly embrace the new trends and technology.

Omaha: It was the mecca of investing for nearly 40,000 investors who came to Omaha from all over the world for the Berkshire Hathaway annual conference. The BH pilgrims were eager to gain insights from Warren Buffett and some of the world’s gurus of business, including the philosophy Buffet used to build his fortune. 

A big part of the draw was the opportunity to hear from the likes of Tom Gayner, CIO of Markel Gayner Asset Management Corp, and Robert Hagstrom, author, chief investment strategist, and managing director of Legg Mason Investment. The weekend was full of lessons learned and friendships nurtured.

Check out our event photos and read more about the Berkshire Hathaway weekend in our latest blog, A weekend in Omaha, the mecca of investing, contact us at [email protected] to learn more about Buffet’s strategy.

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