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2021 has been another eye-opening year. Covid continues to be a major contributor to remote work, digitalization, and de-globalization. The global business environment continues to evolve with many traditional industries and blue-chip companies changing. Many will no longer dominate, or exist, as those in the newer industries rise and scale. Click here for the current top assets by market cap. As our markets change, LXI continues to embrace these changes and adjusts our services to better assist our clients in meeting their goals.

LXI Consulting
Renewable Project Finance
The commitment to Net-Zero 2050 is creating a boom in renewables projects and renewable-related supporting services. There is an acceleration in the demand for financial modeling, valuation, and equity tax calculation in the US market. If you are fund managers, assets managers, or developers seeking assistance with year-end filings, please contact [email protected] with your company name, business email address, and project background information.
Crypto Finance
Crypto industry has reached a market cap of approximately $2.4 trillion. This has brought a new set of challenges. Investment funds, assets managers, and corporate treasurers, if you seek assistance with tracking transactions, calculating gains or losses, compiling financial statements, and filing FY2021 taxes by the deadline, please contact [email protected] with your company name and business email address.
FX Hedging
Foreign currency markets continue to show increased volatility. Based on the increasing needs for hedging and hedging accounting and reporting from the recent market, we are here to provide one-stop support for US-based investment funds and asset managers with FX exposures. Contact [email protected] to tap our expertise in hedging accounting (ASC 815), documentation, effectiveness testing, SEC reporting and disclosures, taxes, etc.

LXI Capital Projects
US Storage Projects Seeking Equity Investors
Type: Pump storage and battery storage. Stage: Early and mid-development stages with preliminary FERC permit. Size: 1+ GW. Structure: flexible.
Southeast Asia Renewable Portfolio Seeking LPs
Type: Solar, wind, hydro, biomass, etc., Stage: mid-, and late-stage development. Size: 1+GW. Structure: GP LP structure only.

December Industry News and Reading List
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Equinor to Buy 45% of UK Battery Developer Noriker Power. Read more..
Muskrat Falls Integrated into the Provincial Electricity System. Read more..
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Media and Social Media
LXI Consulting YouTube Channel
LXI Consulting is rolling out an international finance video series in January 2022. Our initial series will focus on Renewables 101 which will assist developers to understand what investors are seeking. Please subscribe and like LXI Consulting YouTube Channel for our weekly release.
LXI Presenting at Khimti Forum
LXI Consulting is pleased to present Renewable Project Finance 101 at the January 8, 2022 Khimti Forum, a global monthly talk program on infrastructure, energy, environment, and economics. Moderated by Bhisma Pandit of International Finance Corporation (IFC), the session will discuss Financing Renewable Energy Projects. The Forum is hosted by Bikash Pandey at Winrock International and Kamal Gautam at rPLus Energies/rPlus Hydro. Please join the discussion by registering here.