LXI Consulting
Post Covid, working remotely is the new norm. Will your business be the same after returning to the office in the post-covid era? How will you build and manage your onshore and offshore teams in this new environment?  And, with the ever-evolving geopolitics, how do you redesign your corporate structure, so your international operation is less sensitive to the impact of geopolitics?

LXI Consulting assists organizations in adapting to the new world. We help our clients in establishing and how to manage remote work teams, decentralized organizational structures, the evolving tax, accounting, finance, and systems issues, in addition to legal matters. Click here for the case studies.

LXI Emergency Consulting
In business, emergencies and those last-minute gut checks or questions often arise when making big decisions. Over the years LXI has received plenty of midnight calls from executives seeking second opinions prior to signing acquisition agreements. These calls often occurred after companies invested over $1 million USD in due diligence with Big Four accounting firms, international law firms, or advice from international investment banks.

We assist our CPA firm partners in addressing real-life tax issues right before their major clients sign large purchase or sales agreements with foreign vendors. We have also assisted in final negotiations with a large private equity firm.

At LXI Emergency Consulting services, you have our support, whether it is cross-border or traditional business transactions. We help you do business with peace of mind. Click here for the case studies.

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Investment opportunities we are looking for:
We are an operational focused team and actively seeking mid-market developers in Portugal, Spain and Texas (home bases) with a proven track record, strong development capabilities and a strong pipeline of projects. We are actively seeking ready to build solar/biofuel projects and operating assets in our home bases.  For details, please click here.