Business Update
Li Xu International specializes in solar/wind/hydro/waste to energy/transmission towers and vision impairment/cardiology medical devices.

Did you know we are getting into renewables development?
After working with renewable projects around the world – solar/wind/hydro/waste to energy – Li Xu International is excited to join renewable development. We are seeking the opportunity to enter into strategic partnerships with local boutique development companies across North America via JV partnerships. As a JV partner, Li Xu International will secure project financing.

Business opportunities with LXI:

  • Boutique renewable development companies with 2-5 years track record of 50M-300M USD projects, seeking capital to fast expansion.  Must be local companies with a good local presence. Countries we are interested: US, Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Indonesia, Dominic Republic, Brazil, Bolivia, and Ghana.
  • Database companies – renewables – SE Asia data only.
  • Database companies – clinical trials – vision impairment and cardio – the US and Europe.
  • Co-investors/LPs for a leading medical device portfolio with a 100% success track record.
  • Co-investors/LPs for a global renewable energy fund.

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Open positions with LXI:

  • Originators and power makers with 2-5 years proven track records. Countries: US, Canada.
  • Project managers with 2-5 years track records of managing renewable construction projects, 50MW – 300MW wind/solar. Countries: US, Canada.
  • Financial analysts with 2-5 years of experience in vision impairment and cardio medical devices. Countries: US, UK, France, Switzerland, Germany.
  • Internship for graduate students with a major in finance/accounting/mechanical engineering/bioengineering. Must have previous work experience or internship. Location: HK, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Zurich, Warsaw, Bucharest, Minsk, Tallinn, Moscow.

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LXI Energy News
The Mayor of London has made his own statement on infrastructure recently, having announced a package of infrastructure works worth up to £1.5 billion to help kickstart London’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. The funding will support upgrades of the gas and water supply network and will boost the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across the capital. Read more..

ZAMBIA ZESCO Limited and Power China Sign $548 Million Solar Contracts. Read more..

Tokyo Gas America Announces Acquisition of Texas Solar Projects. Read more..

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LXI Medical News
Congrats to Actus Medical, Inc. IPO via Nasdaq (AFIB). Read more..

FDA Approves Treatment for Rare Disease Affecting Optic Nerves, Spinal Cord. Read more..

ScPharmaceuticals Raises $90M in IPO with Heart Failure Drug on Deck. Read more..

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