Welcome to the August issue of International M&A’s monthly newsletter. As we hit the mid-point of 2019, I hope you all have the opportunity to stop, refresh, and enjoy the summer months.

In this issue, we are sharing with you a few insights about us, what we are doing this month, and what we see happening in the market.

We welcome your comments and look forward to sharing more in the coming months.

Special Edition:

A life-changing summer vacation that sets up the foundation of this business (click for photos).

Business Update:

  • Li Xu International (Asia), Ltd. formed to better serving growing Asian market needs:

To better serve the ever-expanding Asian market, Li Xu International (Asia), Ltd. formed in August 2019. Strategically registered in Hong Kong (HK), an important financial center in the Asia Pacific, we office in HK and Shanghai. This will help us better serve our growing Asian client base in China, Japan, South Korea, India, and Oceania, providing a bridge between the East and West as we assist European, American, Latin American, and Africa companies do business in Asia.

  • Going Global? Asian Energy Advisory Services launched to help US energy companies go global

New technologies have unlocked the vast shale gas reserves in the United States (US), creating a new world of order. Over the past several years, the US has become an energy exporter, resulting in new expansion opportunities for US-based energy companies. Exporting to new markets can create new obstacles, including the understanding of entering and marketing its commodity to a market with different customs and procedures, and an uncertain and heated geopolitical environment.

After observing the challenges of US energy sellers and the Asia market, especially Chinese state-owned, energy purchasers, we launched Asian Energy Advisory Services to assist US energy companies in entering the Asian market. Like our other consulting and market entrance services, our ‘hand-holding’ approach assists you in developing a new market with peace of mind. We work with you throughout each step of the process until the products are shipped and payments received.

Do you have your foreign market strategy? Develop a new market with peace in mind by emailing [email protected] to request a 30-minute consultation. For a quick response, please provide company name, your name, title, phone number, the best time to call, the main product you want to sell, and current challenges within 300 words. Use the subject “US Energy to Asia.” Offer expires September 16, 2019, at 5 pm CST.  Limited to the first 20 qualified requests.


  • What are your office hours and what is the best way to contact you?

Each day we work with people from all over the world. American office hours:

  1. Monday – Friday: 8 am – 5 pm CST
  2. Monday– Thursday: 7 am – 8 am CST/Europe or 7 pm – 8:30 pm CST/Asia by appointment only
  • How to reach us?

Email, phone call, text, web contact, WeChat, WhatsApp, LinkedIn are used most frequently.

Scheduling system: Calendly calendar invite has proven to work in most countries.

Openings/Seeking Like-Minded Future Teammates:

Seeking an exceptional opportunity in the world of international business? Check out our International M&A advisor program. The program is designed for people with a proven track record and 20+ years of M&A experience and CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE with a strong industry focus in the areas of energy or pharmaceuticals. Ideal candidates are fluent in two or more languages, and able to fly to any foreign country and start to manage projects immediately. This is an unconventional group and you will be expected to perform at the best in all circumstances. Like more challenges? Please review the FAQ on our YouTube channel: Li Xu International. Then email your resume along with your past deal sheet and three references to [email protected]. Please remove confidential information in the deal sheets. Qualified future teammates will receive responses within 2 weeks from your future family.

International Market Update/Things Caught My Eye:

We work with people around the world daily. Our goal is to be aware of the global movement to help our clients seek the right opportunities and go to a new foreign market with peace in mind. Recently I’ve had some time to catch up and revisit some articles of interest that may be of interest you our readers.

  • Global Energy

After Anadarko (US) sold its Africa assets to Total (French) for $8.8 billion (in Algeria, Ghana, Mozambique, and South Africa), Anadarko (US) merged with Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) in Aug. Questions for other US energy firms’ overseas assets? Are they soon to be in a sales mode?

Saudi Crown Prince Says Aramco’s planned IPO on track. Valuation as of April close to $1.2 trillion. Targeted listing exchange includes New York, London or Asian exchange. A sale of Aramco shares could be a big disaster for Big Oil. 

  • Global Pharma

Novartis’ older MS drug Gilenya wins Chinese approval. The growing Asian market opened more markets for good drugs. Contact us if you plan to enter the Asian market.

China revised the “Foreign Investment Industry Guidance Directory” and opened more doors for foreign investment into the Chinese pharma market: human stem cells, gene diagnosis, and treatment technology development and application.

  • Global Tech

Toyota to invest $600 million in China’s DiDi and a new joint venture. Interested in China EV market and big data of Chinese drivers? Email [email protected]

Softbank, Google join a $1.9 billion investment in China truck-hailing firm (“Uber for Trucking”). Interested in China logistics? Email [email protected] 

  • Asia

Morgan Stanley: If the trade war escalates, a recession will be here in 9 months

International Community Highlights:

Sister Cities National Conference ‘means business.’ – The Sister Cities International National Conference brought over 600 attendees to Houston to spark business opportunities, provide practical networking and collaboration tools, and integrate global citizenship with NextGen and young professionals. The Sister Cities International network unites tens of thousands of citizen diplomats and volunteers in over 140 countries.

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