During a post Covid era, mid-market companies considering entering, changing or leaving the foreign markets generally face many of the same obstacles, resulting in questions on being more efficient and successful. LXI Consulting assists mid-market companies in addressing questions relating to issues in the following areas:

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

  • Correctly setting up the process and legal structure for functional transfer pricing process, working with parent companies.
  • How to properly terminate an underperforming US management team while the foreign owners are not physically in the US.
  • First 5 years’ income tax is waived? Is this a good deal from a site selection standpoint?
  • Dealing with a local government that requests inappropriate cash payments (bribes).
  • After completing due diligence by large CPA and law firms and you are still unsure about an acquisition, LXI provides second opinions prior to the big M&A.

China Medical Device Market Entrance

  • How to protect your intellectual property (IP).
  • Is China FDA approval required if you have US FDA approval.
  • Why Chinese investors always want the China distribution rights.
  • There is a huge market of cash buyers in China. Will your products always make a profit in China, even if only 1% of the people purchase them?
  • What to do if the government wants to take over your IP.
  • Receiving a term sheet from a Chinese investor, how to evaluate it and determine if it is a good offer.

Green Projects Financing

  • How to find investors for your projects.
  • What foreign investors look for.
  • My projects have particularly good IRR, why are foreign investors not interested?
  • The interest rate in Europe is so low, and the loan rate is so high in my country, why don’t European green bonds want to invest?

 If you have questions related to these areas, LXI leverages its international experience to assist organizations in the successful entry into a foreign market. We provide two initial consultations:

Package A: 30-minute consultation.

Based on our experience, most single questions can be addressed in a 30-minute consultation.

Delivery Time: Within 7 to 14 days.  Meetings are scheduled within two weeks.

Price:  250 USD or 250 Euro or 1,950 RMB  

  • A scheduling link will be provided within two business days following receipt of payment.


Package B: Emergency consultation: replies are within 24 hours and are up to two hours in duration.

This consult is for companies with last-minute questions, those that arise just prior to signing a major contract or when in the middle of a negotiation.

Price:  1,950 USD (USD payment method only) 

We understand the urgency and will call you within 24 hours.


Steps To Schedule a Consultation

  1. Please email [email protected]

Your name, title, LinkedIn profile, company name, website, address, best contact method (especially for emergency consultation). Please briefly describe your issues. Note: Issues are limited to the above categories.

  1. Please make a payment to one of the accounts:
  • USD Payments: PayPal: [email protected]
  • Euro Payments: Wise: receiving account name will be provided upon request
  • RMB Payments: WeChat: receiving account name will be provided upon request

3. Once the email and payments are received, we will provide a scheduled link for regular consultation within 2 weeks (package A) or call you based on your request within 24 hours (package B).


Engagement Terms! 

  • Please visit our website www.lixuintl.com and Li Xu’s LinkedIn profile www.linkedin.com/in/lixuintl2 to ensure our services fit your criteria.
  • This is a high-level consultation. Separate engagements may be set up for comprehensive technical tax, accounting, finance, legal, advisory, or investor relations services.
  • Any illegal conversations such as money laundering requests, or doing business with countries on the sanction lists, will be immediately discontinued. No refunds.
  • All conversations shall be handled based on actual business needs.
  • All meetings shall be held professionally. No political questions or hatred questions, especially the US-China related.
  • Meetings may be rescheduled once within 14 days.
  • All payments are final and non-refundable. A commercial invoice will be provided upon receiving the payment.
  • Li Xu International reserves the right to adjust the pricing based on the market demands.
  • All conversation is subject to the confidentiality requirement per US AICPA guideline.
  • For technical issues, please email [email protected] along with a screenshot and description of the issues.
  • For seeking investments, please email your teasers to [email protected].  We will reach out to you if it fits our criteria.