LXI Capital is founded by a group of operationally focused industry executives. Our general criteria are to invest in people who have a proven track record and good reputation in the industry, a strong project pipeline and seek like-minded investors for fast growth.  Below is our investment criteria revised on October 31, 2021:

Renewable Projects: solar/onshore wind /(peak) run-of-river: 

  • Stage: later stage of development, mainly near PPA signing stages
  • Size: >30MW (no cap)
  • Structure: majority control only
  • Countries: US, Europe and China. Other countries are evaluated case by case.

Med Device Technology Companies: 

  • Stage: near or post US FDA or EU CE mark.
  • China distribution rights: must be still available.
  • Cash Position: Must have sufficient capital to complete capital raise or China market entrance process, which lasts 6 ~ 12 months or longer.
  • Field of use: cardio, neurology, spinal, surgical
  • Pipeline/platform companies are preferred.
  • Management team: at least one core member with real-life clinical experience.  No academic bankgorund team!
  • Must be willing to set up an Asian entity to market and receive funding from Asian investors. Legal jurisdiction includes Singapore, HK, mainland China, or Japan.
  • Set up an EU-based entity to market and receive funding from Europe and the Middle East-based investors. (Preferred)
  • LXI structure: minority plus fee OR majority control
  • Countries: the US, EU/UK, Japan, and China.

Please note:

  • For all requests, please email [email protected] (please do not submit via social media).
  • Companies owners: please email 1) non-NDA teaser 2) previous experience (usually it is part of the teasers). 3) proof of the ownership of the projects. Power of Attorney to other developers’ projects does not count.
  • Advisors and Consultants: please provide 1) a sample list of deals closed with the last 12 months; 2) a copy of sell-side mandates to prove legal rights to represent the project owners or companies. Advisors with exclusive mandates are preferred. NO FIRST-TIME advisors.
  • For qualified projects, we sign NDAs, review the dataroom, and meet with the project owners or companies owners who have legal signing authorities.
  • Languages: Please make sure one of the senior team members can communicate details in English. It is highly recommended to provide key technical docuement in English. Scanning non-English version key documents will slow down the process.
  • Financial model: please provide in excel format and remove all the macro. Please provide the sources of all the data.
  • For projects outside our scope, we provide fee-based advisory and consulting services. The most frequently asked services include dataroom readiness, financial modeling, market searching, project management services, and sell-side advisory services. For our process, please visit: https://intl-cfo.com/lxiconsulting