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US Market Entry

Enter the US Market With a Head Start!

Your own US market entry team

The United States is a huge, attractive market. It is also a very challenging market for non-US companies to enter. From differences in product and service expectations, to corporate culture and employee relations, everything about this market is different from what you know. That includes the financial regulations, corporate structure options and tax issues. And then there is the cost. The US is an expensive market to enter.

Smooth Your Entry

The best way to meet the challenges of a new country and control cost is with local experience. That’s what we do. CFO On Demand is a ok team of expert professionals with both local and global experience, uniquely prepared to help non-US firms become established and successful in the American market at a cost effective price.

We provide flexible support tailored to your business, based on your industry, business size, and stage of development. First, we get you set up:

  • Set up your US company with the best corporate form, registrations, banking, insurance, lawyers, and accounting for your business
  • Set up your corporate ledgers
  • Establish financial policies, procedures and internal controls
  • Set up your payroll and employee benefit plans
  • Set up your regulatory reporting and filings
  • Help you find the right premises
  • Help you find, hire and train the right people with the right compensation packages
  • Introduce you to the right organizations and individuals

Then we run your back office operations so you are free to focus on marketing, sales and growing your company.

As you grow, we work with you on topics like:

  • Tax consultation - income tax, property tax, sales and use tax, and payroll tax
  • Transfer pricing
  • Working capital optimization
  • Collaboration to further your goals with strategic business partners such as bankers, CPA firms, law firms, commercial insurance brokers, commercial real estate brokers, etc.
  • Audit management for internal audits from the foreign parent corporation, US financial audits, worker's compensation audits, etc.

Contacts and Relationships

With our extensive network of professional relationships and business contacts, we can speed your entry into Houston and the US market by connecting you with the right people and the right organizations to get your business launched.

The Top 10 Challenges

Expanding your business across borders is an important part of growth, but it also includes risk, particularly if you haven't done it before. Moving from a familiar environment to an unfamiliar one, especially from East to West, poses a lot of challenges – with potentially disastrous results if cultural and regulatory differences are not adequately considered. Here are the top ten challenges companies face in establishing and running operations in a new market:

  1. Understanding cultural differences: buyer expectations, business culture, language and language use, corporate culture, employee expectations, intellectual property rights, etc.
  2. Setting up correctly: corporate form, government registrations, banking, insurance, accounting
  3. Understanding local industry practices and processes
  4. Identifying and choosing the best local business partners and vendors
  5. Attracting and vetting the right local talent
  6. Finding the right premises in the right location at the right price
  7. Clearly understanding the rules and regulations: federal, state, county, city
  8. Adhering to labor laws and compensating employees at market rates, including benefits
  9. Failing to access local competition
  10. Meeting government and industry compliance, and statutory reporting

Enjoy Life in Houston

Houston is not only a gateway city for business in the US, it is also a fun, vibrant place to live with a wide variety of art, culture, sports, and great food. Our team members have lived in many cities around the world and understand the challenges of moving to a foreign location. We can help you get acquainted with living in Houston and introduce you to groups that share your interests, including sports, performing arts, music, dancing, dining, the outdoors, travel, and much more.